A Boy and his Skull ~ Fansite

Welcome to Selmak.Org's section dedicated to Bob from SciFi Channel's "The Dresden Files" and the actor that brings Bob to 'life', Terrence Mann.



Mandatory Disclaimers:

Selmak is a snarky fangrrrl, so if you can't handle snark, head for the hills.

Also Selmak is not affiliated with Terrence, doesn't know him, doesn't know how to contact him and would prefer to keep it that way. He's not aware of this site, and hopefully never will be, as the horror of being Selmak-ized will probably be too much for him and he'll be stricken mute causing him never to work on Broadway again.

This fan site is for enjoyment only as I doubt highly that I'd ever get any interest in selling Selmak.Org T-Shirts.

If you own the copyrights of any objects in this site, and you desire their removal (or you're one of the actors that has been Selmak-ized and you're horrified by this site because you think I'm really serious...) please feel free to contact Contact me.

Who is Selmak?

Selmak is a two thousand year old space alien from the TV Show Stargate. She has a website and she is quite proud of it, having spent far too much time coding it as she doesn't have hands or that all important evolutionary adaptation - opposable thumbs.

Seriously, who is Selmak?

Selmak is a sci-fi fangrrrl who has a tendency to blast Broadway show tunes loudly on long drives, and in fact blames Gary Morris and Philip Quast (Les Mis the Symphonic Album) for blowing up the speakers in her little red Honda Civic.