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 Terrence Mann ~ Links

Photos of Terrence from Broadway World ~ page 1, page 2.

More info on Pippins World Aids Day 1995 practice.

Lennon opening night.

Party Come Here coverage and some more.

Terrence Mann and Kim Huber reunite for The Sound of Music.

Carolina Art Festival ~ Terrence.

Terrence Mann chosen as an AACTFest honoree.

The Studio.

NY Academy of Theatrical Art

Christine Andreas in The Scarlet Pimpernel. Some pictures of Terrence.

More pics of The Scarlet Pimpernel.

One Day More, for Terrence Mann.

One Sweet Sorrow, Romeo closes.

David Simkins, Dresden Files talks about Bob.

Doug Storm talk about TM.

Pics of Sebastian Bach, Tim Curry and Terrence.

Les Messups ~ Not my pun. Screws up with Les Mis

Information on the World's Aids Day Concert ~ Pippin.

Playbill: Romeo and Juliet

Party Come Here review

Pics of TM in Les Mis

Sweet Transvestite with TM

Anne Nelson's The Guys

Assorted pics of TM on Marcy's site.

The Scarlet Pimpernel photos. Some more pics , sound clips,

Al Hirschfield's drawing of TSP.

Some sort of Terrence Mann My Space Account. Not updated recently.

Information on TM's role in Liberty! The American Revolution.

Chuck Cooper's pic from Lennon.

The Lennon Educational Tour.

Color photo of TM as John Dickenson in TWF's 1776.

A picture of the The Beast and another.

Pic of TM in Best Little WhoreHouse and another.

Pic of Sherlock Holmes & the West End Horror.

Son of the Wanted Man. TM had the part of the narrator.

Another Beauty and the Beast vid.



Assorted Vids with Terrence

TM at the Broadway Theatre Project.

Rum Tum Tigger video from Cats.

Les Mis at the Tonys.

Beauty and the Beast ~ Tony Awards.

Some NY Times reviews ~ Note. Need to register.

West End Horror

Tonight at 8:30

Liberty! Oh, Fatal Ambition

Scarlet Pimpernel

Promises, Promises

Christmas Carol

Beauty and the Beast

Thanks to Bakerybard for these ~

Vid of TM at the Tony's Awards. He gazes adoringly at his wife when her name is called for Best Performance for a Featured Actress in a Musical.

Vid of TM presenting an award at the Spaceys Awards. He admits that he's a big fan of Stargate! (Yay!!! ~ Selmak) ) It's interesting as he doesn't have Bob's accent - and he explains that Harry is a cop. (A cop?!?!?)

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