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 Terrence Mann ~ Mrs. Santa Claus

Terrence is Augustus P. Tavish, a mean and cruel, Scrooge like Toy Czar. (Think Donald Trump with better hair.) When Mrs. Santa Claus, having enough of dealing with her cranky husband during the Pre-Christmas Rush, decides to take a jaunt around the world, she ends up having to convalesce a sick reindeer in NYC during the turn of the century. Needing a job, she becomes Augustus's new Toy Making Supervise.

Can she turn Augustus "Scrooge" Tavish into a happy little elf? Is there singing and dancing involved? Heck yes! Though Terrence has only one song, it's rather catchy.

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All together now! You deserve a Tavish Toy...

So when you're BLUE..........

and when you're down... .

Remember kids... because of you.......... .

I live uptownnnnnnnnnnnn.... A house in Chelsea!

Angela, can't I have another song? ~ T
Terrence, it's called MRS. CLAUS, remember? ~ A

The Terrence Eyebrow ™.

Nobody can do that Eyebrow Gesture like Terrence.

Unilateral or BiLateral.

Oh no! Augustus is going to ruin CHRISTMAS!

He's kidnapped the REINDEER!

But Mrs. Claus remembers little Augustus Tavish.
All he wanted for Christmas in 1872 was a special bear

My evil Step Brother Stole my BEAR!

Mrs. Claus promptly gives him a Better Bear than Before,

and Evil Augustus is No Longer Evil.