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 Terrence Mann ~ 10 Million Dollar Getaway

The 1978 Lufthansa Heist was an airport robbery planned by Jimmy Burke, an associate of the Lucchese crime family, and carried out by several of his associates. It began when bookmaker Martin Krugman told Henry Hill (an associate of Jimmy Burke's) about millions of dollars in untraceable money. The money was flown in once a month and was exchanged by servicemen and tourists in West Germany and was then stored in a vault at Kennedy Airport. The information had come from Louis Werner who owed Krugman $20,000 in gambling debts and worked at the airport and his co-worker Peter Gruenwald.

Jimmy Burke is played by John Mahoney and Terrence Mann is Richard Eaton (who according to wikipedia, wasn't involved in the Lufthansa affair). Eaton is rather strange for a mafia man. According to Jimmy Burke, he had graduated from Notre Dame, spoke six languages and quoted poetry. Physically, he was unlike the other Mafia men, as he wore his hair long, and in this movie, he drank milk or OJ rather than hard liquor (except for one scene). In his scenes, Terrence usually has a book nearby.

The boys celebrate Jimmy getting out of jail and even Richard has a drink.

Meeting of the Mafia.

Christopher Murney is on the right. He was on the great TV show
"REMEMBER WENN" as the one and only Mackie Bloom!

Milk and a Book

Having a Zen moment while everyone else inspects JFK.

Milk and a book.

During the robbery.

Counting the money.

"A leopard can not change his spots, nor a skunk change his stripe," is
Richard's retort to the police.

Hoping to catch a plane to Tibet.

Say goodbye, Richard.