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 Terrence Mann ~ Big Top Pee Wee

Gina Piccolapupula: Snowball's a clown Mace, clowns aren't funny.

No, this particular clown isn't that funny. I always thought clowns were mellow, but Snowball is well... quite... high strung. We first meet Snowball after a big tornado has caused the circus to land on Pee Wee's farm. (Literally). He can't find the first aid supplies, the animals are running lose, but... Snowball's makeup looks pretty good.

TM is the 4th actor in the credits, and one of the few carnie folks that actually has lines. There's a small bit where he sings about being a clown and he bops the smaller clown on the head before doing a dance step.

I can't find the first aid kit. The animals are escaping, I
can't find your wife and there are cats and dogs living together in SIN!

Snowball (whose makeup has appeared to have been wiped off) finds the circus manager's wife, Midge. (Don't ask).

I'm sexy. I'm hot. I'm a clown. ~ Snowball.

Snowball, Clownie and Duke, the dog faced boy.
Duke is portrayed by Benicio Del Toro!!!!

Snowball gives a big wave to Winnie, Pee Wee's jilted fiancee.

Pee Wee shrieks when he realizes that his table mate, who just made a pass at him is literally half-male, half-female. Snowball grabs Pee Wee's corn while he's shrieking. After all, being a clown is tough work, and he needs his energy.


In twenty years, this movie will come back and haunt me. ~ Snowball.

After his song and dance number.