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 Terrence Mann ~ Critters

Terrence is an alien bounty hunter "Ugg" that takes on the human form of "Johnny Steele", a rock n' roll star. Yes, Terrence sings in the first flick.

These alien bounty hunters track down "Critters" - which are like Gremlins on steroids. There are four movies in the Critters series. For more on Critters, check out Joe Bob Brigg's blog. Or this lively review of the entire series.

Thanks to LegendaireLestat for capping these pics for the site. If you want to listen to "The Power of the Night" click here. I was told that the person who put the file up had received permission from the producer of the film to do so.

It's 1986. The year of the Big Hair.


Now is it me, or does this character look like Bob?

Bob, chillin' in the office.