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  Bob ~ The Other Dick

Bob is having a little too much fun in this episode, as it deals with sex. Desperate women looking for fertile seed, their naked..... Harry gets skeeved when Bob starts talking about Desperate Women, as apparently Harry just realized that Bob's gone 1,000 years without any lovin'.

Bob attempts to decrypt the code.

The boys are unsuccessful, which means it's time for...


Flaming Wizard Breath!

Write it down!

Bob gets excited when he realizes what's in the tea.


Bob decides to do some research with his magic finger.

Bob's magic finger nearly gets him in trouble.


Desperate women looking for fertile seed, their naked...

You so need to get out more, Bob ~ Harry
Well, it's not like you TAKE me anywhere fun! ~ Bob

I wish Liz would play with my hockey stick ~ Bob the Letch