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Harry is out of the office and Bob is well... floating around... when a young girl enters the office, looking for help from Harry. Bob tries to help the girl, but the snarky ghost is unable to secure her trust. She flees the building, sees Harry, gets hit by a car and then dies. Bob gets all emo, and dare Sel say it, yes, whiny. Harry tries to cheer him up, but there are parts of this episode that show that while Bob has 'supposedly' made peace with his situation, that he's lying through his little ghost teeth.

Bob attempts to move paper .

Bob gets annoyed.


Bob decides to thwack the paper.

Bob gets all emo.

Harry succeeds in cheering up our little depressed ghost.


Bob then decides to inhabit Harry's body for a bit, just because he can freak out Harry. "Well, that's one thing." (He can do)

Harry listens to Bob badmouth his French.


How does one get rid of a tallow, callow hand?

The same way, you'd get rid of Bob's skull by smashing it to bits.
Isn't Bob scary when he's smiling gleefully?