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  Bob ~ The Soul Beneficiary

Harry wakes up in a strange bed with a wife whose name he doesn't even know. Obviously, THAT was one hell of a bender. What starts out as a bad day when a man drops dead in his office soon snowballs into more dead bodies, and two necromancers. The reason why Bob has been sentenced to his skull for all eternity is revealed in this episode.

Alas, poor Kelten. He did not go gently in that good night. ~ Bob

A kidney would be good. A HEART would be fantastic.
Bob recommends what body parts Harry should grab off the next victim.

Bob, even when he doesn't say anything, still has a lot to say.


Bob, having been stuck in his skull for the last 1,000 years, has too much time to come up with strange theories about what happened. A Core Energy Surge!

But he still knows that her shawl didn't match her shoes.

Bob realizes that Harry didn't pay attention during class.


Bob thinks that this entire scenario sounds eerily familiar.  

Harry has to press the issue, but Bob says that there is a
chance that black magic was involved..


Haunted by old ghosts!

Harry's been wizard-napped, and it's up to Bob to save him.

Tells Harry the story behind his punishment.