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  Bob ~ Rules of Engagement

When a pretty woman walks into Dresden's office looking for help, trouble follows. Bob is his usual cynical self, wanting to watch Dresden have sex with the girl, and decrying true love as a fallacy. Yet when the lovers are trying to break the chain of sin, you can see Bob beaming like a proud Papa.


Bring her here, Bag the wench.


And LET me watch!

It's a fallacy. There's no such thing as love. It's just a biochemical reaction that ends with hiring a detective to settle scores. Come on, Harry, you know there's no such thing as love.


Beaming, because Harry's too busy to notice.     

Bob tells Harry to bless the lovers, a simple but heartfelt blessing.   

Harry: (ending the blessing with a heartfelt) "And don't screw it up!"

Bob rolls his eyes in disbelief.