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  Bob ~ Bad Blood

When an old friend of Harry's is seen as a threat to the High Council, Harry must defend her and himself. On a personal note, I liked this episode because the Harry/Bob dynamics were gelling, and you got to see new sides to the character of Bob. The protective of Harry Bob and the romantic Bob made an appearance.

All Bob wants is to watch the movie.   

All Harry wants to do is score with his date.


Bob really wants to see the end of the movie.


Is that not the saddest sight ever?
A sniffling ghost who wants to see how the movie ends.

Because you KNOW Harry won't ever rent it for him.

Harry: You love this, aren't you?

Bob: What?

Harry: Me saying you were right.

Bob: Oooooh very much, and one can never hear it enough.


That Bitch! How I loathe her!     

 Bob: (of sheltering Bianca) Have you even considered the consequences here?   

Harry: Uh, haven't got around to that yet.

Bob: Well let me enlighten you: If they catch you with her, she's dead, you're dead, and I'm..

Bob: HOMELESS! (beat) And I'll never find out how that movie ends!

: All right. (whispers) But at least take some precaution. You can't trust her.

Bianca: Bob? I can hear you.

Harry: Oh, I want you to hear m