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  Hrothbert of Bainbridge ~ Links

Sound clips of Bob being Bob by Chupie

Video Clips ~ Assorted aka the reason why Selmak is belting out The Scarlet Pimpernel at her job recently.

Dresden files Falcon in the Dive ~ JTheGoblinKing

Issues of Trust ~ JTheGoblinKing

Bob's Power of the Night ~ JTheGoblinKing (You noticing what I'm noticing?)

Dresden and Bob ~ JTheGoblinKing ~ Slashy, Slashy, Slashy

The Riddle ~ JTheGoblingKing (Again!)

Evolution by Cynvision

Fanlisting for Bob - the TV Character.


Assorted Blog communities about Bob

Skull Boy Love (Bob/Harry Slash)

The Fandom/Cellar Refuge for Bob/Harry slash

Yahoo Group Email Discussion Groups

Dresden Files ~ Slashy Fantasies.
(What can I say? Darth!Bob and Bondage!Harry really set the fangrrrls off)