Peter Mullan ~ Biography

Award winning Scottish actor/director blessed with a two bottles of Scotch chased down by twelve packs of cigarettes voice. Social activist, firebrand, self-described Marxist and raised in Glasgow.

Has a tendency to play those misunderstood souls that would scare you in a dark alley. Or even a director in a cushy chair. (To be fair, the director did tell him, 'Scare me')

So yes, misunderstood souls like a mobster who has dementia. A short Death Eater with a long blond plait who would have made The Deathly Boring Hallows so much more interesting if he had captured Hermoine. Yet sometimes, he's your typical Joe that chase down moving cars and paints them. Or a proud new Papa that kills his neighbors in the close because he has to protect of his daughter. A drug dealer who nicely hails a cab when his client is about to crash.

And there's usually a bathtub that's makes an appearance. (And no, Sel's not posting all those pics). Or else he breaks out in song.



























Selmak is the nom de l'internet of someone who normally refuses to admit that she runs this site in real life. Would you, really, admit to a strange fascination with assorted character actors? The fact that all the actors are older than her probably signfies something deep and Freudian. As with the rest of the site, if you are Peter or if you are Peter's representative and you wish anything removed, just shoot Sel an email and she'll do so willingly. However, if you want the entire Peter site to disappear (along with the Rab Nesbitt screen caps of Peter as a Scottish Satan Worshipper who prances around in the alltogether, slaying unicorns and deflowering virgins through methods of sexual depravity), you're gonna have to cough up an autograph. Ok - seriously Peter, all you'd have to do is growl at Sel and she's start sobbing, cuz dude, you are SCARY. (GRIN)

Peter Mullan ~ What's New?

June 13, 2013 ~ The Liability and Stone of Destiny screen caps are up. Sadly, Peter did not recieve the award for the Best Supporting Actor in a Movie or Mini-Series in the 2013 TV Critics' Choice award for Top of the Lake. Other than that, Sel finally got a hold of The Fixer - where Peter is described as "... the always excellent Peter Mullan as the trio's grim Scottish boss, whose voice ives the nation's subwoofers a good rumble everytime he's on-screen."

June 16, 2013 ~ The Fixer Series 1 screen caps are up.

June 17, 2013 ~ Fairy Tale: A True Story - with Peter as Sgt. Farmer are up.

June 18, 2013
~ The Trial of Tony Blair is up.

June 23, 2013 ~ Screen Caps from the 1st seven episodes ShoeBox Zoo are up.

Shoebox Zoo ~ Echoes of the Past

Shoebox Zoo ~ Friend or Foe?

Shoebox Zoo ~ The Guide to the Perplexed

Shoebox Zoo ~ The Inner Sanctum

Shoebox Zoo ~ A Little Knowledge

Shoebox Zoo ~ The Magic is Awakened

Shoebox Zoo ~ A Strange Birthday Party

June 26, 2013 ~ Kiss of Life screen caps.

July 7, 2013 ~ Peter is featured in the Esquire UK. Some of the pics are here. Here. Article in the Scottish Herald here.

July 21, 2013 ~ Congrats to Peter on his Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie. The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards telecast will air live coast-to-coast on Sunday, September 22nd (8 PM ET/5 PM PT) on CBS from the NOKIA Theater L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles. And yes, Sel is wondering if he attends if that wig will make an appearance also. (It take so little to amuse Sel, as she's constantly distracted by bright shiny things and she has a bit of Attention Deficit Disorder.) He's up against some seriously heavy hitters in this category - but there are a few folks that are claiming that he'll do an upset.

July 24, 2013 ~ What's new?

Instagram of Peter and John Hurt from the set of Hercules. Sel loves John Hurt... she's think he's ab fab. (Sel has a very short Fangrrrrl attention span as she gets distracted quickly. She also breaks out in hives whenever anyone from Glasgow visits the site.) Haven't been able to find out who Peter is portraying in Hercules.

Esquire interview with Peter is online. Snippit "What he has never been offered before is a fashion shoot. “I would only have done something like this for something special like Top Of The Lake,” he says, of his day as a gentleman outfitted on the streets of Mayfair for Esquire. “It’s been great. I’ve actually played so many different characters. I was a guy called Ralph Lauren just now.”

July 25, 2013 ~ OMG he's so young!

A few screen caps from Riff Raff. OMG he's SO young looking!

[ And for those people that are hitting the site looking for pictures of Peter frisking al fresco, no, isn't that type of site. And Sel is stunned at how many of you are out there according to the stats counter.]

July 31, 2013 ! Mail call !

Dear Sel ~ Where are all the pictures of Peter frisking al fresco?

Err...groans and quickly deletes that email. Ah! Here's another one...

Hi my friends and I big fans of Dr Who and Peter Mullan and we had heard rumours of Mr Mullan being the next Dr. Do you know if there is substance to this or if there is a petition for his casting?

I haven't heard anything. There's a rumor that he's on the list of actors that Fans Insist Should Be on the Game of Thrones, but Sel hasn't heard anything about Doctor Who. The only thing she was able to find by turning the internet upside down and shaking was this link. 10 Actors who could play Dr. Who but won't.

August 10, 2013 ~ Interview with Film Freak Center.

August 12, 2013 ~ Synopsis for Peter Mullan Meets Nessie and Scares Her to Death. Yes, it's another film that's suitable for family viewing. Not.

Michael McKidd seems to have the perfect life a beautiful wife, two wonderful children, a high-powered job, all the trappings of success. But, scratch the surface and things are not as they appear. His business nears bankruptcy and he has taken drastic measures to prevent anyone from finding out. With his life spiraling out of control, desperation is quickly setting in.

Trapped and fearing no way out he decides to take his family away to Loch Ness in Scotland, under the false pretenses of a family holiday. Driven to the brink, his real plan is to take their lives, believing they are better off dead than facing the shame of financial ruin and public humiliation.But as he prepares for his family's final moments, Michael's plans are interrupted by something in the water. Lurking just under the surface is a malevolent creature, intent on terrorising the family. As their lives are pulled apart by dark forces beyond their control, a bloody struggle for survival ensues and Michael must fight to save his family from what lies beneath.

August 13, 2013 ~ Peter's odds of winning an Emmy.

August 14, 2013 ~ pic of Sunshine on Leithe and Peter.

And yes, you too, can have Peter Mullan on your chest... Err... You, too, can wear Peter Mullan... Oh screw it - someone's selling Words of Advise from Peter on Amazon. (And no, Sel is NOT buying any as Sel twitches when someone using IM instead of I'M. and its instead of IT'S. It's IT'S - ok! If you're gonna quote him, least get the punctuation right, people!)

August 19, 2013
~ Sunshine on Leithe movie trailer courtesy of Lenny Mullan's twitter account . (and if you want to keep up on whatever Peter's doing, go stalk Lenny's twitter feed.)

September 12, 2013 ~ Sunshine on Leithe. Director Dexter Fletcher will be joined by star cast members including Peter Mullan, Jane Horrocks, and Antonia Thomas along with special guests The Proclaimers for the premiere on 17 September in Edinburgh. Feel free to send Sel pics so she'll post.

September something or other, 2013. Peter sings here and yes... he does sound like Tom Wait but smoother. (Though Sel loves Waltzing Matilda). And yes, Peter didn't win the Emmy. Nor did he show, which meant Sel sat through all three hours without a flash of a kilt.



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