Peter Mullan ~ Biography

Award winning Scottish actor/director blessed with a two bottles of Scotch chased down by twelve packs of cigarettes voice. Social activist, firebrand, self-described Marxist and raised in Glasgow.

Has a tendency to play those misunderstood souls that would scare you in a dark alley. Or even a director in a cushy chair. (To be fair, the director did tell him, 'Scare me')

So yes, misunderstood souls like a mobster who has dementia. A short Death Eater with a long blond plait who would have made The Deathly Boring Hallows so much more interesting if he had captured Hermoine. Yet sometimes, he's your typical Joe that chase down moving cars and paints them. Or a proud new Papa that kills his neighbors in the close because he has to protect of his daughter. A drug dealer who nicely hails a cab when his client is about to crash.

And there's usually a bathtub that's makes an appearance. (And no, Sel's not posting all those pics). Or else he breaks out in song.








Mandatory disclaimer. Selmak.Org is unofficial, unsanctioned and obviously unspell checked. I don't know how to contact Peter. Hopefully, he's blissfully unaware about us because really, this snarkfest is hard to explain. [Trust me, I had to explain it to a few of the boys in the Stargate Section. Thank God they had a sense of humor. ]



























Selmak is the nom de l'internet of someone who normally refuses to admit that she runs this site in real life. Would you, really, admit to a strange fascination with assorted character actors? The fact that all the actors are older than her probably signfies something deep and Freudian. As with the rest of the site, if you are Peter or if you are Peter's representative and you wish anything removed, just shoot Sel an email and she'll do so willingly. However, if you want the entire Peter site to disappear (along with the Rab Nesbitt screen caps of Peter as a Scottish Satan Worshipper who prances around in the alltogether, slaying unicorns and deflowering virgins through methods of sexual depravity), you're gonna have to cough up an autograph. Ok - seriously Peter, all you'd have to do is growl at Sel and she's start sobbing, cuz dude, you are SCARY. (GRIN)

Peter Mullan ~ What's New?

October 22, 2013 ~ picture of Peter in Hercules. (And Oh Jean is available on Itunes and Yes, Sel has it. Really, he's a Scottish Tom Wait)

October 7, 2013 ~
Peter Mullan's not tone deaf.

October 6, 2013 ~
Article yesterday(10/5/2013) in the Scottish Herald about Peter and disco. (Tilts head like a confused terrier). Unfortunately not available online. Peter's been nominated for the Glennfidditch Spirit of Scotland 2013 award. Yay! Brett Ratner posted a picture of instagram f John Hurt and Peter.

September something or other, 2013. Peter sings here and yes... he does sound like Tom Wait but smoother. (Though Sel loves Waltzing Matilda). And yes, Peter didn't win the Emmy. Nor did he show, which meant Sel sat through all three hours without a flash of a kilt.



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