Peter Mullan ~ Screen Caps ~ Close by Peter Mullan

Vincent. A proud, overly protective new Papa who decides to clean up the close by murdering everyone.

Yes, the bathtub makes an appearance. And so does Gary Lewis. At this rate, Sel should just slap his name on the site, in the hopes of that two Scottish actors might add some much needed class to the site. (though Sel knows that it's a lost cause).


Has an argument with someone who says that the Close isn't a good enough place to raise his daughter.

His neighbor makes a comment that angers Vincent. So he gets out his Silver Hammer... oops.. that's Maxwell.

Gary Lewis as the soon to be quite 'ded' fumigator.


Peter Mullan ~ Screen Caps

Nothing like a nice bath to soothe you after murdering your neighbor.




Assures his daughter that Daddy's gonna clean up the close.

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