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Bio on Peter. Details his "ginger hair, twinkling squint, and sparkplug physique" & a disco hustler with a poetic Scottish Soul. Good info on Peter, but sparkplug physique?

Article on The Fear ~ a gangster who has dementia.

Peter Mullan: A Hard Nut who Became a Visionary. ~ Neds

Kiss of Life where Peter discussed terrifying a director who asked for it, (But was it necessary to call the cops?) working with Clooney, The Magdalene Sisters, Orphans.

Hypothermia on the set of The Claim.

Tumblr ~ Peter Mullan.

Peter, Saffron Burrow & Michael Figgis interview.

For your viewing, please check out, To Build a Home/Breathe by Up the Resolution using Cinematic Orchestra music and featuring Peter and Julia Ford. Very serious subject matter.

My name is Peter Mullan.

Proud son of Glasgow.

Peter is singing in Sunshine on Leith. [After hearing him in My Name is Joe, Young Adam and a few others.... ]

Interview with Peter ~ On a Clear Day.

Scotman Interview with Peter including the real reason why he took Deathly Hallows.

Production notes
for On a Clear Day. It's a Sunday afternoon movie.

Interview with Peter in The Drought. Topics run from filming with Marty to Dungavel. Who says Selmak isn't eclectic?

Interview with Jill Daley, who helped Peter with his role in Blinded.

He'd like to do more comedy.

The Time Traveler's Wife ~ broad strokes.

Orphans and why they should film in Europe.

Protestors in 'asylum raid' demo

In 2009, Peter boycotted the BBC over their refusal to support a Gaza charity.

Why he won't go to Hollywood. aka Neeson put me off Hollywood movies for life.

Searching for real life NEDS in Scotland.

Interview with Peter. Tough with the smooth.

Following the Nerd.

Peter Mullan ~ Theatre

Clyde Nouveau Paul Samson, Peter Mullans & Forbes Masson. Diary of the last week's rehearsals .

Benny Young(Hosana) & Peter Mullan(Cuirette) - 'Hosanna'

A bit of a blurb regarding Peter in Iaian Glen's Scottish Play. No picture, but Sel is working on it.

Cinzano ~ by Ludmilla Petrushevskaya in conjuncture with the Moscow Chelovyek Studio Theatre & the Tron Theatre.

Crow ~ Tron Theatre. Mullan is the sort of a sleazy cabaret compere beloved by Neil Innes, or the doggedly uvuncular fellow drinker propping up the bar.

The Trick is to Keep Breathing
. Peter as the sister Myra. (Sel hopes that he shaved the beard for this) Pic from Tron - and no Sel doesn't think that's Peter wearing the blonde wig.












Assorted Interviews ~ Videos ~ Podcast misc

Glasgow Theatre interview.

Interview on The Hour

Yaxley deleted scene from HP ~ walks in and looks mean.

Yaxley music video. Seriously, Sel kids you not.

rbcfilmtheatre Interview Part I, Interview Part II, Interview Part III, Interview Part IV

Community Chat held by Noreen Real from her flat.

My Name is Joe - Interview

Interview with Kevin Bridges ~ Peter pops up around 6:00

Podcast Movie Cafe 11/29/2012 (Yes, Sel's America)

The Interviews: Post Production with Peter Mullan


Back Row - Peter Kiss of Life.






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