Peter Mullan ~ Screen Caps ~ Miss Julie

Pardon Sel while she has her own personal summer. (Fans self with flippers). His voice... Ok... where was Sel? Fanning herself? Ok - "Miss Julie" is play by August Strindberg dealing with class, love, lust, the battle of the sexes, yada yada yada. Imagine a signifcantly hotter Downton Abbey as Peter is Jean (Batesy!), Saffron Burrows is Miss Julie (Mary!) and Mary Doyle Kennedy is Mrs. Bates... errrr. wrong show... Christine - who is engaged to Jean.

It's MidSummer's eve, Miss Julie is B-O-R-E-D and she decides to 'play' with Jean. The situation spirals out of control, as they have sex (Fans self as well sometimes clothed actor sex is way hotter than nakked actor sex). They then descend into a maelstorm of bitter condemnation where character aspersions are thrown. Was it just lust? Was there love involved? Either way, Miss Julie self-destructs.

Lookie! It's Vera Bates... errr.. Christine.

Jean aka Batesy.

Miss Julie tells Jean to kiss her boot.

The two of them hide from the servants who are busy mocking the two of them. (Useless Trivia ~ Saffron is about 6'0" tall - Peter's about 5'8" so with the heels on her boots, probably 1/2 a foot difference)

Seriously - with this picture does Selmak need to tell you what's happening?

*fans self*