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While Marnie is on a field trip, she stumbles across Michael Scot, a rather grumpy 1,100 year old alchemist. And Peter gets a chance to get grouchy in this episode, terrifying Marnie. There's a pretty funny scene where McTaggart, tired of being Michael's loyal henchman for over 1,000 years without a pay raise, teaches everyone the custom of dropping pennies into the well so the grouchy wizard will reward them with riches. Michael Scot, after a thousand years of this, is rather tired of getting coins dropped on his head from high distances so he yells.

Sod off, I want a raise!

Pennies from heaven.

Michael is not amused. Plus he has a thousand year old headache thanks to McTaggart.


Why yes, I get my clothing from the Albus Dumbledore' Shoppe for Discriminating Wizards.

You can call me Lord Voldemort! Ok, wrong movie.