Peter Mullan ~ Screen Caps ~ Shoebox Zoo ~ Echoes of the Past

Peter is Michael Scot, a rather grumpy 1,100 year old alchemist. And yes, Shoebox Zoo is quite like Harry Potter. You've got the 11 year old hero, (Marnie who is Harry) who has lost her mum. You've got the supposedly good wizard who is also a flashy dresser (Dumbledore aka Michael Scot), the man on both sides (Severus Snape aka McTaggart) and the bald villian (Voldemort aka Toledo.) There's even a cheeky ginger sidekick (Laura aka Ron) Now, can someone explain to Sel how a 10th century alchemist created a Spanish shape changer?

In case you haven't realized by now, Michael Scot is Scottish, besides being a snappy dresser. Now seriously, put away the plaid before someone gets hurt.
You can call me Lord Voldemort! Ok, wrong movie.