Peter Mullan ~ Screen Caps ~ On a Clear Day

Frank is a fifty five year old who is laid off from his job after 36 years. He decides one day, that he will swim The English Channel in order to bring some meaning to his life. It's actually rather touching and yet funny as Frank finally connects with his estranged son. Lots of help from his fellow zany friends. Sel's rather partial to this film as she was made redundant in January, 2013. So as she walked out of the office, she informed them all that she'd be swimming the English Channel. [Doesn't that sound so much better than Sel was gonna go home, get depressed and watch a bunch of Scottish movies?]

On the verge of a panic attack while filling out unemployement forms in front of his daughter-in-law.
(Note: his daughter-in-law is portrayed by the actress, Johdi May, who portrayed Peter's much younger wife in BLINDED.)

His wife catches him trying to sneak into the house after he decides to take a swim in his clothes.

Since it's an 'art film' there's plenty of scantily clad Scots.

"It said to apply thickly"

Perhaps we did it too thickly? This is what I enjoy about Peter - he's so expressive.

Mandatory argument with his son.

Group hug!