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Peter is Lenny Douglas, a copper retired on the grounds of ill health. Supposedly, though he is running a covert operation to take out the supposed untouchable targets. You've got your typical characters - John Mercer, an innocent man convicted of a crime he didn't commit (oops wrong show) who is the moody assassin, Calum the plucky comic relief and Rose, the honey trap. There seems to be a relationship of some sorts between Lenny and Rose that both Calum and John are too dense to realize are unawares. Really, the first time Rose cheekily impersonated Lenny's Scottish brogue, Sel thought, Lenny would have wiped the floor with Calum or John if they had done that. Hmm... there's a story here.

Peter is described as "... the always excellent Peter Mullan as the trio's grim Scottish boss, whose voice gives the nation's subwoofers a good rumble everytime he's on-screen." The one time (so far) that Lenny raised his voice about the cat, Sel thought he had blown out her speakers. Since Lenny's constantly being compared to a terrier, Sel guesses that Lenny doesn't like cats.

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Lenny, the self-described charismatic boss.