Peter Mullan ~ Screen Caps ~ The Fixer ~ Series 1 Episode 1

John Mercer shoots his uncle and aunt due to the abuse that his sister suffered from them. Lenny Douglas then springs him from prison, with the understanding that John will work for him. Lenny even gives him an apartment with his very own pet (Calum). Is John happy? No, he tries to escape, but as Lenny shows, he's super cool and knows all.

Lenny and the Big Guy with No Name henceforth known as Big Bad Bob watch the raree show as John attempts to escape.

To add insult to it all, Lenny finishes his coffee. Big Bad Bob is cranky as he gave up coffee.

Seriously, Peter can do more with a smirk and a cup of coffee than some actors can do with pages of dialogue. (Plus having the Towering Big Guy with No Name)