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Ordinary Decent Criminal is a term used by An Garda Siochana, the police force of the Republic of Ireland, to distinguish criminals engaging in illegal practices for financial or personal ends from those who have terrorist goals. Kevin Spacey's role - Michael - is quasi based on Ireland's Martin Cahill. And that is your Irish History lesson for today. (See, Sel is educational).

Peter is "Stevie" - one of Michael's gang, who grows increasingly disgusted by Michael's showboating. His background is one of extreme poverty, so his plan was to spend his share of the loot on everything he wanted. He ends up double crossing Michael and then is shot dead by the Garda. There's some familiar faces in here - including David Hayman (not to be confused with HP's David Heyman) who was in "My Name is Joe". And yes, there is a bit of a singsong in this as the robbers breaks out in a hymn when looking at the Caravaggio .

Apparently Peter is quite skilled at abseiling.

David Hayman - from "My Name is Joe"


Peter Mullan ~ Screen Caps

Peter and Colin Farrell's characters end up shot to death.

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