Peter Mullan ~ Screen Caps ~ Shallow Grave

We've got Christopher Eccleston (NINE!!!! for you Doctor Who Fans out there) Ewan, Gary Lewis and Peter. Three lodgers (Including Ewan) attempt to find a 4th renter. One of the hapless victims include Gary whose character breaks down in tears as they ask him about an alleged affair. It's really rather funny as the three of them are obviously a few fries short of a happy meal. (What if I told you I was the anti-christ?) One of the possible ledgers is asked, "Have you ever killed a man?" He answers no, but flashes back to an attack at a drink link (ATM) where he and Peter's character do exactly that very thing.

Long story short, new ledger shows up dead with a great deal of cash. The 3 muskateers decide to chop up the body and keep the money. Naturally, everything goes crazy, as Peter's character is looking for the money.


Peter Mullan ~ Screen Caps

Gets thrown from the loft.


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