Peter Mullan ~ Screen Caps ~ The Claim

Twenty years earlier, Peter's character, Daniel Dillon sold his wife and child for a claim. Now twenty years later, his wife, Elena, is back with his daughter, Hope, and everything starts going arse over tit. This movie is full of familiar faces eg Sean McGinley (ON A CLEAR DAY) , Shirley Henderson (Moaning Myrtle HP) and you couldn't turn 'round without knocking over a super model or three. In The Claim, Peter developed hypothermia and was close to ending up in a coma.

It's Sean McGinely as the local sherrif!

Being a rather downmarket website, you know Sel had to throw this shot up on the internet. (Don't worry Peter, no one ever gets this far into the site)

His wife is dying and Daniel ponders the ethical issues.

His wife dead, his daughter justifiably freaked out by the fact that he's Daddy, his town bypassed by the railroad. Daniel decides to burn down the entire town.

(Hint this is what hypothermia looks like. Who says Sel isn't educational?).