Peter Mullan ~ Screen Caps ~ Criminal

John C. Reilly plays Richard Gaddis, a small time crook with a penchant for con games. To hook marks, he acts like a well-to-do businessman, dressing like one and driving a Mercedes-Benz, believing that one must look like a professional in order to be a successful conman. He meets up with Diego, and takes him on as a partner. Richard has a sister, Valerie and a brother, Michael, who he has conned out of their inheritance. Richard comes across the con of a lifetime, involving William Hannigan (Peter) a very rich collector. The ante is upped until Richard has promised most of his loot to the other participants in the con, dropped the lawsuit that prevented his siblings from getting their share of their money and .... ta da... he's promised William Hannigan a night with his sister.

William Hannigan, who seems to be an easy mark.

His interest is piqued.



They agree to a price, though William wants a night with Valerie.

However, everyone involved has been conning the con man.

Group hug!