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Peter the Warlock meets Rab C Nesbitt. Enough said, though seeing the warlock running down the street wearing only trainers being chased by Rab and his pitchfork? ROFLMFOAWTEFN

Peter the Warlock is just your regular Satan worshipper who just wants to sacrifice his goats in peace sans clothes. Rab gets on his bad side so he gets cursed. The screen caps are just horrid, I know, but really... the hair, the purple robe (Owned by Alastair Crowley) and the unicorn.

Peter The Warlock: [to Rab] Now if you'll excuse me I have a unicorn to sacrifice and a virgin to deflower.
[Stops on his way out to address three of the guys in the pub]
Peter The Warlock: See you's.
Dodie: He must be a warlock right enough to huv found a unicorn in Govan.
Jamesie Cotter: He must be Sherlock Holmes to huv found a virgin.


Peter Mullan ~ Screen Caps

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