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Plot summary:

Colorado-born eleven year old Marnie McBride is mourning the loss of her beloved mother as she settles into her new home in Scotland with her widowed father, who takes her to a run-down junk shop on her eleventh birthday. There, she is given a box of toy animals by a mysterious wizard AKA Michael Scot AKA Peter, which spring to life the next morning. She soon learns from these creatures that they are on an important quest to find an ancient book that holds a dark magical power within its pages, and need to find it before the evil shape shifter, Toledo does first. Marnie reluctantly offers to help, but finds she has her own fair share of problems to deal with, as she tries to make some friends at her new school, as well as put up with the classroom bullies.

Harry! You're a wizard! Oops! Marnie! You're the Chosen One.


Peter Mullan ~ Screen Caps

Chuck Norris has nothing on Peter.

Chuck can't stop a PollAxe in mid-throw with a single glare, can he?


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