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Plot summary:

A short film by Claudia Alessandra Marcello. Sel grabbed this description off a cached website, as Sel does't read Italian. Sel has enough problems with Yankee English.

It’s a film that talks about emotions and not events, whether for events we intend a series of facts. Something unexpected and revolutionary happens to the protagonists (Peter Mullan and Lorenza Indovina), but it’s something intangible, indescribable throughout the traditional codes of language (from this, the absolute lack of dialogues in the film). That is because it touches a sphere that is not even comprise in the five senses, but it’s part of a higher, or simply wider, way of feeling. If we would simplify the plot, we could say that it’s a love story.

In fact love is certainly the theme of this film, but that kind of love is intended as a special lightness that catches the two protagonists just because they are signed by experiences that, for long time, made them weigh down, imprisoned in microcosms of loneliness an anger. Love, then, as unexpected lightness that leads them to finally open themselves to life, the life that only now make them free.

Some enchanted evening....
You may see a stranger, you may see a stranger...
Across a crowded room working Scottish pier...

Sel doesn't know about you, but Sel knows that everytime a Solitary Sel walks on a working Scottish Pier, with her little rolly cart representing all her trials and tribulations trailing behind her, some guy that doesn't look like Peter Mullan shows up and says.... "Get the @#$^%@#$ off the @#%!!^ dock before you get hit by a !#!#@%! boat, idiot!"

Seriously, this is a lovely short film, filmed in Petershead, how two people can connect regardless of language. Though I forecast difficulties ahead when Peter's character asks, "Shall we go for a cuppa?" and Lorenza's response is, "Può ripeterlo? Mi scusi, ma le dà fastidio se la fisso per un momento? Voglio ricordarmi il suo viso nei miei sogni. Che cosa faresti se ti baciassi?" or my personal favorite, "Vorresti passare la notte da me e fare tutte quelle cose che comunque racconterei a tutti che abbiamo fatto?"

Il drago insiste che noi sacrifichiamo una vergine, altrimenti brucerà il villaggio.

E' sottotitolato in inglese?



Peter Mullan ~ Screen Caps

Che cosa faresti se ti baciassi?

Mi scusi, ma le dà fastidio se la fisso per un momento? Voglio ricordarmi il suo viso nei miei sogni.

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