Peter Mullan ~ Screen Caps ~ A Good Day for the Bad Guys by Peter Mullan

A black comedy set onstage and off, of a traditional Scottish pantomine. One actor's progressive nervous breakdown brings Good and Evil into open conflict. Peter is John aka the "Wolf", while Gary Lewis (yes, it's GARY again) is the main antagonist "Jockie". Jockie is sexually harassing Little Red Riding Hood so John steps in. It's a short film from 1995 so the quality of caps are pretty poor.

John, in make up as The Wolf.

One of the children watching the pantome jumps on stage and attacks the wolf.

Offstate to the chants of "Kill the Wolf".



Peter Mullan ~ Screen Caps

Jockie gets frisky with Little Red Riding Hood so they come to blows.

During his breakdown (Breakthough), John becomes the star of the show, well liked and respected by his coworkers. 'Because it's not just important to love, but to be loved in return.'

And Gary ends up stabbed to death with a pair of scissors.

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