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Peter is a Ted Narracott, a military veteran in Imperial Yeomanry. Due to a war injury, he's got a leg injury, growls a lot (typecasting!) and drinks from a flask. Seriously, if you want a serious review go somewhere else, ok? Anyway, Ted gets into a pissing match with Remus Lupin (a rather hairy David Thewlis aka the evil LandLord) who threatens to take the family farm away. However, Super Horse Joey saves the day until the mandatory flash flood which threatens to ruin the Narracott farm, so Ted sells the horse to Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and then Sherlock shows up (Benedict Cumberland) ... and there's that new guy from Downton Abbey.

When I first saw WarHorse, it took me a minute or three to recognize Peter.

Ted starts a bidding war with his hairy landlord. Gary Lydon, the guy to his right with the big hat, usually shows up in films with Brendan Gleeson. Truly useless character information from Selmak. No charge.

David Thewlis as Teh Evuh Land Lord. BuhahAhAhAha

I'm gonna smack that hat right off your smarmy skull...



Peter Mullan ~ Screen Caps

Is your brother's name really Thor? You know the Irish don't like the Vikings; that entire coming up the River Shannon and knocking down all the monasteries.

i told you to buy a plow horse. Not a thoroughbred. A PLOW HORSE, TED.

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