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Widely commented as Peter's breakout role - My Name is Joe is about Joe, a recovering alcoholic on his journey as he struggles to stay clean, find love (Sara) and extend a hand in need to Liam. Sadly, by the end of the film, he fallen off the wagon, Sara is pregnant and they are estranged while Liam commits suicide in Joe's flat. However, there is a glimmer of hope at the end as Sara attends the funeral to support Joe.

Peter portrays a man who turns into a mean, bitter drunk; instead of physical violence he uses words to injure.

Additional useless comments ~ Gary Lewis is in this pic. He's also in True North. A Good Day for the Bad Guys. He's also in Peter's short film 'Fridge' (Which Sel can't bring herself to actually finish watching it as she's still recovering from the last two Peter short films.) & "Orphans". Useless info on the set of My Name is Joe, Mullan and co-star Gary Lewis had to secretly scoff their lunch because director Ken Loach insisted too much food would make their afternoon acting sluggish.

And Peter's the Winner of the First Most Creative Use of Salad Bowls award. Congratulations!

Gary Lewis aka Shanks. They do a soft shoee number to convince Sara that she doesn't need the ceiling wallpapered.


Joe as he reveals that he's an alcoholic. .


Peter Mullan ~ Screen Caps


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