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Prince Rapses was the heir to the Egyptian throne 3500 years ago. He was protected by the Mummies (before they were Mummies), but was killed at when he was Presley's age by Scarab. This story is told in Sleep Walk Like an Egyptian. His spirit now lay inside Presley, and is drawn out by Scarab in several episodes. Rapses himself comes to the present in The Prince and the Presley.

Scarab is a sorcerer and wants to be immortal. To do that, he needs the spirit of Prince Rapses that is within Presley. He sums up his position well in High Nuhn with: "All I want is immortality. Is that too much to ask?" Like the Mummies, Scarab can also transform. He transforms into armor like a beetle. 3500 years ago, Scarab was the Pharaoh's most trusted advisor and the most powerful person in Egypt after the Pharaoh. He thought he would be the next Pharaoh if Amenhotep had no son to follow him. So Scarab murdered Rapses, and was entombed alive for it.

Harris Stone is the identity Scarab takes when he needs to be in public. Harris Stone is known as a wealthy individual. As a major benefactor for the Museum, he gives a speech in Who's Who that is one to remember.

Information on Scarab and Harris Stone is taken from this website.


Harris Stone

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