Deja Voodoo

Gerard is a character by the name of Dr. Lawrence. In a non-comic variation of the 1993 film Groundhog Day, Johnny (Anthony Michael Hall) meets an attractive insurance adjuster named Natalie Connor (Reiko Aylesworth) at a bar. Touching her hand, Johnny foresees a romantic future for himself and Natalie -- but the visions quickly take a grim turn, and before long he is witnessing Natalie's death and the events leading up to it, over and over and over again. Even worse, in his efforts to warn Natalie of her fate, Johnny succeeds only in heaping additional disaster upon her. Johnny meets up with Natalie at a bookstore promoting Dr. Lawrence's latest self-help book.

Synopsis courtesy of Blockbuster OnLine.



Since this is a Vancouver production, we've got SG1's Eric Breker.

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