Garry Chalk ~ Screen Caps

21 Jump Street ~ Just Say NO! High
8 Below
Bang, Bang, You're Dead!
Boardertown ~ The Hired Hand
Bounty Hunters
Christmas on Chestnut Street
The Commish ~ Stoned
Dark Angel ~ Pilot
Dark Angel ~ Flushed
Dark Angel ~ Rising
The Dead Zone ~ Broken Circle
The Dead Zone ~ Finding Rachel Part I & Part II
The Dead Zone ~ Destiny
The Dead Zone ~ Turning Point
Deck the Halls
Eureka ~ Pilot Episode
The Fly Part II
Freddy vs Jason
The Hitchhiker: The O.D. Feeling ~ Warning Don't Drink while viewing!
The Hitchhiker: Out of the Night
Into Thin Air
MacGyver ~ Deadly Dreams
MacGyver ~ The Ten Percent Solution
MacGyver ~ Thin Ice
Mantis Millennium ~ Blade of Grass
My Mother the Spy
The Outer Limit ~ Caught in the Act
Ordeal in the Arctic
Painkiller Jane ~ Higher Court
Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story
Sliders ~ Time Again and World
Stargate ~ Disclosure
Stargate ~ Redemption
Stargate ~ The Tomb
Take Me Home: The John Denver Story
Taming Tammy
The Shipment
Time to Remember

Video Voyeur: The Susan Wilson Story

Some more pictures of Gary with Don Davis can be found at:

Deadly Little Secret
Poltergeist: The Inheritance

Selmak & Garry