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Pictures SG9 Con in the UK

Additional pics from SG9

More pics from SG9 ~ the Jedi Chefs

Stargate Wiki entry.

Con Pics from Sg9.

Music Video ~ Tribute to Chekov


Transformer 2005 Con Report

Another Transformer 2005 Con Report

Botcon 2001 report

Another Botcon 2001 Report

Still another Botcon2001 report

Detecting a pattern yet? Botcon2001 report.

Transformers Playstation Launch Party

Another Transformer Playstation Launch Party

Transformer Video - with a big Garry teaser interview. He talks about how to do voice over acting and gives demonstrations of different voices.



Garry Chalk Email List.

Catherine Barr's Photos of Garry at various Vancouver functions.

1, 2, 3, 4 , 5

Various photos of Garry with Fulvio Cecere.

Garry link - love the pic!

Garry bio from TVTOME.COM

Garry did the voice over for Space Canada.

A Garry Chalk fan dropped off this exciting tidbit. Kathryn reports:

I spotted Garry Chalk by chance in a youtube vid.

It's from a 1995 ITV (UK) broadcast 'The making of Reboot' and briefly shows him in recording studio with 4 other VA's from the show Reboot. He appears at roughly 7:18.
He says 'Hockey game' then does some sort of bizarre yoga stretch (Garry doing yoga, imagine that.) and then says 'Bob'.

Unfortunately, that's all we get from him, and doesn't appear in the documentary again. Thank you very much, Kathryn!