Garry Chalk ~ Deck the Halls

Many thanks to Candi for capping Garry in this flix! Since Sel didn't watch it, Candi was kind enough to give a synopsis.

Garry plays Sheriff Dave in "Deck the Halls," believed to be a cross-dresser. When Steve Finch (Matthew Broderick) files a complaint about Buddy Hall (Danny DeVito) to the local cops, he gets an eye-full of why rumors are roaming around town that the Sheriff is a cross-dresser.

I didn't include a screenshot of the legendary "pink thong" that Garry wears in the film when he crouches on the floor. If you want one, let me know and I'll get that for you. I wasn't sure if you wanted to put it up on Sel's site. XD It's comical, though.

Well, yes, I'd love it for the site, but I really need some standards on the site. ~ Snarky Sel.

The first screen shots are fromwhen Broderick is at the police station attempting to file the complaint while Garry fusses with his "brace," as he calls it and denying that it's a bra, and Broderick can't help but think about the rumors. He finds it difficult to focus on the complaint while Garry scratches and yanks at the pink "brace."

The remainding screenshots are when Garry arrives on the scene of Broderick's burnt house; the aftermath of accidentally shooting a large military firework toward DeVito's house and it ending up in Broderick's instead through the chimney and hitting the Christmas tree, exploding it into flames. Annoyed with the antics, Garry's holding the tree's top decoration that's partially melted and telling Broderick, "You're getting to be a knot in my panties, mister. A real knot."

LoL Still cracks me up.









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