Garry Chalk ~ Freddy vs Jason!

Many thanks to Candi for capping Garry in this flic! Since Sel didn't watch it, Candy was kind enough to give a synopsis.

Garry played Sheriff Williams.

The movie is about Freddy Kreuger returning to Elm Street using Jason Voorhees to start putting fear and panic back into the kids' heads so that they think Freddy is causing the murders. And if they think that, then Freddy can start entering their dreams and gaining strength back to kill them just like he used to years ago. Sheriff Williams attempts to convince the town that that isn't what's going on because he wants to keep Freddy's name off of the streets so he doesn't come back. His rookie cop starts prying into the rumors about what happened on Elm Street long ago but Williams warns him to back off and to stop chasing the stories. The Sheriff wants to keep the situation contained, and that's pretty much what he's saying in every scene with those screen caps.

Oh! And Garry managed to stay alive in the film! What a surprise!










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