Garry Chalk ~ Screen Caps ~ Taming Tammy

Sel would like to thank Tracy D. Smith, the director of Taming Tammy for allowing Sel to post several pics of Garry from TT.

TT is described as a lively modern day adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew” which takes the battle of the sexes to the extreme with ex-champ boxer, Sy “The Bruiser” Balkovich, and feisty sex toy seller, Tammy “The Shrew”. Garry is Burt, who is proud, overprotective and terminally ill. Sel censored the one shot so to protect underage Tok'Ra's from poking their eyes out.

Garry, Sarah-Jane Redmond & Woody Jeffreys.

Garry, Alex Zahara (Stargate!) & Aleks Paunovic

Alex Zahara (Stargate!), Aleks Paunovic, Garry and his cane.

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