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Emperor Femur knows how to make an enterance.


The Universe of Shadow Raiders

Before the coming of the Beast Planet, there were several systems which had little or no contact with each other. The system simply known as the Planet Cluster had the planets of Bone, Fire, Ice, Rock and (lifeless) Remora. Another planetary cluster was home to Tek and Water (and other worlds). Sand and Jungle were each singleton worlds - the only world around their sun.

Planets within the Planet Cluster are interdependent. They each need materials from each other to survive. Before the coming of the Beast Planet, the worlds raided each other for their materials, extracting needed ice (for water), minerals, food, or energy. Once the Beast Planet's drones attack, the planets realize their only chance for survival is through cooperation rather than conflict.

All of the known planets were artificially created by a mysterious ancient race. The Beast Planet may have also been created by this race, or by their foes - that much is unrevealed. The artificial nature of the worlds are not initially known by their inhabitants, who have lost a great deal of the lore of their worlds. It is possible that the various races were seeded by the ancients on each world.

Each of the worlds are the same size, except for the Beast Planet (which is about five times the the diameter of the other worlds).

The Emperor of Planet Bone, Femur is a short, obnoxious creature who is constantly scheming of new ways to benefit himself. He is a very crafty, vile man with self-gratification as the first and only thing on his mind. Despite being self-indulgent, Femur cares for his planet and does indeed think of the citizens of Bone, and he willingly & paternally looks after the last surviving plant from Planet Jungle. Not a fighter by any means, Femur instead chooses to hide in the midst of battle, and in the crucial battle of Remora he led his troops in a retreat when things got rough. He is also very flirtatious with the ladies, particularly Jade (much to her disdain). He genuinely cares for Pyrus and serves as a surrogate uncle-type figure, trying to keep him out of battles and being upset at the thought of being assassinated without patching things up with Pyrus.

Character Bio of Emperor Femur is from Wikipedia. Information on Shadow Raiders was taken from a Shadow Raiders website.

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