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Optimus Primal in his robot mode from Season Three of Beast Wars. He acquired that optimal body (at that point he was nick named Optimal Optimus) after fusing his spark with Optimus Prime's (Generation One Transformers; Autobot Leader) in order to repair the Autobot's body after Megatron (Predacon) attempted to terminate Prime.

Optimus Prima's beast mode (and flight, aka vehicle, mode) during Season Two of Beast Wars. He acquired it after a fellow Maximal named Rhinox used a blank protoform from a fallen stasis pod and brought Primal's spark back from the other side of the Matrix after sacrificing himself to save Earth from an alien species known as the Vok who were trying to destory it (basically, Primal was resurrected from his death).

Optimus: Beast Mode

Optimus Primal's robot mode in Beast Wars Season One

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Leader-figure of the Maximals whose beast mode is a silver-back Gorilla. Primal is a sensitive commander with much concern for his friends and comrades. In addition, he is also imperfect (sometimes making flawed judgements, a trait that sets him apart from Autobot leaders in other series) and prone to losing his temper under pressure. Rattrap often referred to him as "the Boss Monkey", or "Fearless Leader" while Cheetor was prone to calling him "Big Bot". Primal sacrificed himself at the end of season 1 against the Vok's deadly alien weapon, but was revived by Rhinox at the start of season 2, in a new transmetal body. He became Optimal Optimus after briefly being a host for Optimus Prime's spark in the season 3.

Primal's original season 1 form was armed with two dual-barrel guns in his forearms (nicknamed "shotguns", by fans), as well as two shoulder missile launchers, and two curved spinal swords. His transmetal form had a handheld gun and a hoverboard, plus clubs that could also be used as turrets. His final "Optimal Optimus" form had two retractable chest-mounted blasters.

Optimus Primal's catchphrase for bad situations was "Well, that's just prime." However, the word had a positive meaning whenever he referred to himself as feeling 'Prime'.

Character Bio of Optimus Primal is from Wikipedia.

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