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Slash (blue) & Hack (red)
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Hack & Slash are twin robots, identical in form except that Hack is red and Slash is blue. The pair originally served Megabyte, carrying out his orders, often in a very incompetent manner. In Season 3, they reconsidered their loyalties after being instructed to kill Cyrus and realising that, because Bob was no longer around, nobody was going to stop them before they did anything really bad. In response, Megabyte had them take point when battling Hexadecimal, and they were blown to bits. Phong found and repaired them, and they switched sides to Mainframe, working as bodyguards and gofers for Dot. In Season 4, they were often seen hanging around Enzo, and helped him play a key role in stopping Daemon.

They are frequently torn apart, although they seem to take it in stride. They used to talk in very babbling and over-running dialogue, but halfway through Season 2 they became more coherent. They are quite dimwitted and bumbling, but despite that they are physically quite strong - one punch from Slash sent Gigabyte flying. They have built-in jetpacks that allow them to perform and maintain VTOL flight. They can also control their limbs remotely - they often get blown up and can still operate every movable part even though they are literally in a thousand pieces.

Information on Garry's character is from wikipedia.

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