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Scratch and Grounder are a pair of fictional badnik robots created by Dr. Robotnik as adversaries of Sonic the Hedgehog in the animated series Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. They form the greater part of Robotnik's "Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad" (often abbreviated to SSSSS Squad and, occasionally, 6-S).

Scratch and Grounder are largely comic relief characters, as is this incarnation of Robotnik himself, and though charged with the capture of Sonic and his friend Tails, they almost always fail. Not only this, but the two are also highly gullible, easily being deceived by Sonic no matter how bizarre his disguises. These repeated failures frequently result in the two hapless robots receiving a lot of abuse (both verbal and physical) from Robotnik..

Grounder is a small green machine with tank tracks, as well as drills instead of his hands and nose. Grounder's design was purposefully derived from several different badnik characters from early Sonic games, especially a badnik of the same name from Sonic 2's Aquatic Ruin Zone, though their color schemes were different and they attacked by bursting out of walls or from the ground. He is a lot stupider than Scratch, but once acquired a chip that made him super-intelligent - it was subsequently lost. While Scratch seems to be the brains, Grounder is the artillery - his robot body is filled with accessories, which switch usually in his drill hands. His most common add-ons are a pair of robotic hands, but his arsenal varies from episode to episode. He has been known to contain hammers, rotor blades, snow chains, bear-traps, giant drills, rocket boosters, cannons, radar systems, probes, magnets, pet lizards, binoculars, telescopic limbs, ropes, and many other random items. Every time a task is needed, Grounder almost always manifests an appropriate item. When he turns around, a yellow license plate is visibly attached to his back.

Information on Garry's character is from wikipedia.

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