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Optimus: Before MakeOver by the Oracle

Optimus: After MakeOver by the Oracle

Optimus: Transformed


Leader of the Maximal. Beast mode is a techno-organic gorilla. He was the first to transform into his new robot mode. Optimus Primal's leadership is judged in the series when he continues to rely on the Oracle. He has a very bad temper, mainly because of what the evil Megatron has done to his homeworld of Cybertron and also the Maximals have lost two of their friends (Rhinox and Silverbolt). He has insights into the past and future and can reformat other transformers. However, he is still full of valor and heroism, and can make wise and noble decisions. He often argues with Cheetor about what to do in the early episodes. He dies at the end of both seasons, reborn at the start of season two and sacrificing himself and Megatron at the end of season two to transform Cybertron into a techno-organic planet. His main weapon was laser discs that could be fired from his torso, his arms could be used as both shields and a way to reflect enemy attacks

Character Bio of Optimus Primal is from Wikipedia.

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