Garry Chalk ~ 8 Below

There are 8 dogs left behind in sub zero Antartica weather when their base camp needs to evacuate. It's a Disney Dog flick, so bring your tissues. Sel was sniffling through the entire movie much to the Boys' annoyance. [You see, she doesn't have opposable thumbs so one of the Boys gets stuck holding a hanky for her when she sniffles.]

Garry is in the flick for a few minutes as a boat captain that won't go to Antartica as his ship is a fishing boat, not an ice breaker. There are several familiar faces from SG - including Gate Technician #1 and Gate Technician #2 (No not Gary with one R Jones). But Gerard Plunkett, better known as High Councilor Tuplo, the guy with the funny hat and Nem has a significant role.




Gerard Plunkett   

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