Garry Chalk ~ Botcon 2001 Pics by Candi Santora

Event: Botcon 2001
Where: Durham, NC
When: July 14-15, 2001

Thanks to Candi Santora for her pictures!

Beginning of the Beast Wars/Beast Machines Q&A Panel.
As usual, Garry shows up on time:


More Garry

Garry again    

Garry mocking Scott's character, Rattrap:   

  Pics by Candi Santora

Scott, who has appeared in several Stargate episodes.    

Scott impersonating Wolverine (his character from X-Men Evolution) meeting
Rattrap (his character from Beast Wars/Beast Machines):

Garry and Scott!

This picture was after the panel where my brother, mom and I had an
first opportunity to hang out with Garry and Scott while we waited for the Transformers G1 voice actors to finish their autographing.
From left to right: a fellow Transformers fan, me, Garry, Scott and my brother

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