Garry Chalk ~ MacGyver: The Ten Percent Solution

Ah! The late 80's where men wore mullets and apparently highlighted their hair. Garry is Sgt. Harold Gray who gets involved with Mac when a Jewish victim of the Holocaust Concentration Camp attempts to claim ownership of artwork the Nazis stole from his family. Then the plot darkens with an alleged Nazi who is trying to take over the USA ~ claiming that they have 10% of the population. The reason for Garry's blonde hair will become apparent by the end of the show.

Ah! Ha! Fooled ya! It's Dana Elcar!

John Novak aka SG1's Colonel William Ronson

Do not adjust your color of your monitor.

 Garry is blonde.


Natural or not, Sel's not sure.

But since his character is a card carrying member of the Nazi Party,
I guess that's why he has blonde hair. 

Helpful hints from MacGyver on how to hotwire your car.  


Sel giggles.

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