Garry Chalk ~ My Mother the Spy

Part of Selmak's fun screen capping is when she sees other Vancouverites / Stargate actors in other roles. MMtS had Garry, Garwin, Jay, David and Craig. You might know them better as Chekov, Narim/Simon, Harlan/Lord Protector , Sokar/Anubis and the late, great Peter Grodin.

Garry is involved with someone who is selling Anthrax.

Jay Brazeau

Garwin Sanford

 David Palffy

 Craig Veroni

There is nothing wrong with your monitor.
Do not attempt to adjust the picture.
Selmak is now controlling the internet.
Sel can control the horizontal and the vertical and she can even make character actors wear ugly Hawaiian shirts if she so chooses.
Sel can deluge you with a thousand pics or expand one single image to 1068 X 764 and beyond.

You are about to experience the awe and mystery of Selmak.Org.


Limboing what his mamma gave him!  



Fortunately the fashion police show up and arrest him for wearing socks with Birkies.

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