Don S. Davis ~ Twin Peaks
Garland Briggs is a USAF Major who is involved with several Top Secret Projects including the Blue Book Projects (UFOs). He is not wired like other mere mortals.

BOBBY I was at the Double R last week. Dad and I, we had this talk. About this dream he had. There was this big house, with lots of lights, made of white marble. Dad was there, and I was there too. Living a life of "deep harmony and joy." Something like that. And there was all this stuff about my future. Good stuff. Kind'a nuts. But it was cool.

BETTY Your father is an extraordinary man.

BOBBY My father is a deeply weird individual. (quietly, with affection) He has a lot more goin' on under his hat than most people. That's for sure.

BETTY (quietly) When I sleep at night, he runs his fingers through my hair. He doesn't think I notice. But I do.

Having another heart to heart with his son.
Once again, they're on completely
different wavelengths
Bobby is tuning him out.
Tries to be comforting.
Bobby tries to sent himself on fire.
Episode 3
Sadly, Bobby realizes that his
lighter is out of fluid.
Garland Briggs can best be described as too good for this world. He tries his best to connect with his son, but Garland's not wired like other mere mortals.
Laura Palmer's funeral.
Laura Palmer's funeral turns into a brawl.
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