Don S. Davis ~ Twin Peaks
Psssst! Sel's got a nice interview with Don regarding Twin Peaks here. The nice folks that run the Twin Peaks Festival were kind enough to let Sel post the interview here because Sel found a copy of it cached in cyber-space one day. As far as Sel knows, this is the only website that has this interview as it still hasn't shown back up on their site.

Also in spite of what it looks like, Sel does try to color-correct her screen caps.

Garland Briggs is a USAF Major who is involved with several Top Secret Projects including the Blue Book Projects (UFOs). He is not wired like other mere mortals.

Windom Earle: Your name, please?

Major Briggs: Garland Briggs.

Windom Earle: Garland, what do you fear most... in the world?

Major Briggs: The possibility that love is not enough.

Putting the Fun in DsyFunctional ~ It's the Briggs Family!
Consisting of Major Garland, Son Bobby & Mama Betty.
Major Briggs is trying to talk to Bobby
Bobby is tuning him out.
Major Briggs has been described as perfect instantiation of Aristotle's ethical ideal of the 'great-souled man' from his Nicomachean Ethics. [ Admit it ~ you never though Sel would discuss Aristotle on her site, right?] Aristotle's "Great Souled Man" has a slow gait and a deep voice and a measured, deliberate way of speaking. As you can see Garland's still talking and Bobby's long past bored.

Bobby decides to smoke at the table.
Episode 1
As you can tell Garland does not like cigarette smoke when he's eating his meatloaf. That's actually Bobby's cigarette flying out of his mouth ~ not his teeth.
This is a rather interesting look on Don's face ~ One might think that this was a Carmen role as Carmen's always getting to rant and rave and look generally p.o.'d at the world while Don doesn't normally.
Don look paternally disapproving. Doesn't he make you feel guilty for smoking at the dinner table? And you're not even Bobby.
Another example of Fatherly Censure.
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